So, what I need is a database of events that are happening within the Fresno, California area.  I’ve developed a simple process that’s super easy to follow and also extremely efficient.  Just read the directions below and you’ll understand exactly what I need.



STEP 1:  Go to and select the “Events” option under “EXPLORE”.



Step 2:  Go to the “Discover” option under the “MY EVENTS” section.




Step 3:  Next go and select “…More” under the “LOCATION” section.




Step 4:  Next a blank text box will appear and type into the Section “Fresno, CA”.




Step 5:  Now, a list of events for the Fresno, CA area will appear.  Next, You’ll also see a section called “TIME” and would need for you to list events for a specific time frame, (I will tell you once you’re done reading the instructions here.)




Step 6:  Once you have received the specified dates, next you will choose the start and end date to list specific events within the particular timeframe that was given.







Step 7:  Once you press “Update” the page will refresh and will list events that are happening within the specific time frame.  Once this happens all I will need is for you to list those events.




Step 8:  Here’s how an event page looks like, and all I need is the Name of the event, and link to the event page.  That’s it.





Step 9:  Just list the name of the event, and then copy and paste the link into a text file such as the example below, with each one numbered.

screen-shot-2017-03-18-at-11-50-27-am screen-shot-2017-03-18-at-11-50-59-am




To make this process go faster, I usually load the page that has the list of all the events, and then I start scrolling down and right-clicking on each event to open up a new tab for each event.

I usually have about 10-20 tabs open so all I have to do is click on the tab, list the name of the event, copy and paste the link into the text file, and then close it when I’m finished and move on to the next one, repeating the same process, (I can usually list approximately 100-200 within an hour.)

I hope this makes sense, and if not, please do not be afraid to ask.  Anyways, that’s it.  Thanks a bunch!